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July 14th
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Our Business and Management consultancy rates are competitive with the rest of the consulting industry and are negotiable for each contract. We can offer a discount of up to 30% to certain organisations in the non-profit and charity sector where appropriate.

We can offer one-off and retainer agreements but are always available to former clients on an ad-hoc basis.

Site Creation:
As a guideline, we would aim to produce a simple static four-page site, hosted on one of our group hosts and using graphics and text supplied by you for around £780 per year. For larger sites costs typically range from £2,500 to £18,000 depending upon the nature of the site, the facilities required and the volume and rate of change of the content.

Maintenance of sites under our "Webmaster" contract where we take on the task of keeping the site and contents up to date and adding new information and services where appropriate starts at around £550.- per month