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July 14th
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Systems Consultancy

With over thirty years of consulting experience in the database design, systems and network design and application development fields we can be your first call, or your last.

Design & Development

When our business started we were graphic designers - on paper! - alongside the systems work. We still undertake design work, but now it mostly computer-based for web or app delivery and includes the graphics and the back-end web services to support it all.

Business Strategy

Either in-house or away from your base we can help you review your business priorities; developing ideas for new products and services, generating an esprit de corps amongst your staff for the future and help you innovate to build a better business.


Technical and business courses structured to the needs of your staff at locations to suit your company. We specialise in basing solutions on FLOSS - Free, Libre, Open-source Software - for its security, stability and cost-effectiveness.